Supported Collaterals


This page contains the up to date list of supported LST collaterals in the Prisma protocol and the list of supported LRT collaterals for PrismaLRT.

LST Collaterals

wstETH - Lido Wrapped liquid staked Ether 2.0

Token Address: 0x7f39C581F595B53c5cb19bD0b3f8dA6c935E2Ca0

Exchange Rate Function: stEthPerToken(18 decimals)

cbETH - Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH

Token Address: 0xBe9895146f7AF43049ca1c1AE358B0541Ea49704

Exchange Rate Function: exchangeRate (18 decimals)

rETH - Rocket Pool ETH

Token Address: 0xae78736Cd615f374D3085123A210448E74Fc6393

Exchange Rate Function: getExchangeRate (18 decimals)

sfrxETH - Staked Frax Ether

Token Address: 0xac3E018457B222d93114458476f3E3416Abbe38F

Exchange Rate Function: pricePerShare (18 decimals)

LRT Collaterals

weETH - staked ETH

Token Address: 0xCd5fE23C85820F7B72D0926FC9b05b43E359b7ee

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